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Americas fryer Combo Platters

Choice of Steamed White Rice or Fried Rice or French Fries. Sauce Choice of BBQ Ketchup, Hot Sauce
A1. Inferno Pocorn Chicken 6.95
A2. Buffalo Wing Ding (6) 6.95
A3. Calamari Rings 6.95
A4. Breaded Chicken Strips 6.95
A5. Italian Cheese Breaded Mozzarella Sticks 6.95
A6. Fried Scallops (10) 6.75
A7. Fried Fantail Shrimp (6) 7.25
A8. Fried Chicken Wings (4) 7.25
A9. Fried Crab Meat (5) 6.25
A10. BBQ Spare Ribs (4) 8.25